Meeting the demands and trust of our customers

Since our founding in 1960, we have concerned with rolling and finishing of stainless steel and other high-grade specialty steels.
Through our accumulated processing technology, the properties of integrated hot & cold rolling system, and original heat processing and grinding technologies, we have tried to extend products based on stainless steel for high quality knives, high strength stainless steel for machines and tools,and clad steels.
Also our consigned processing is praised for specialty steel materials used in the research and development and production of forefront technology such as space, cars, IT and electronic components processed in extremely small lots and with quick delivery by customers in a wide range.
Our company is aiming to “One & only small world-class company that earth-friendly and loved by an area,the society” while being conscious advanced manufacturing of Japan own.
And we will hone technical strength even harder, and respond to customer’s various needs by reliable quality and delivery date.

President Ryushin Endo
President Ryushin Endo


Basic Philosophy

Through our specialty rolling and processing technologies, we will aim to “One & only small world-class company” that is eco-friendly and loved by the community and society through our valuable products with the highest quality.

Basic policy

•Quickly respond to changes in customer requests to consistently provide products that are appealing to the customer.
•Establish quality objectives and promote the continuous improvement of work and product quality.
•Adhere to regulations of the law and related requirement to fulfill our social responsibilities.
•Perform regular reviews of the quality management system and work to continuously maintain its effectiveness.
•Thoroughly educate all employees on quality policies to encourage a revolution in awareness and voluntary quality improvement activities.
The quality policy will be disclosed both internally and to the public.

Company Profile

Founded 1960
Capital 70,000,000yen (March 31, 2009)
Representative Ryushin Endo
Employees 35
Production capacity Hot-rolling: 170tons/month Cold-rolling: 150tons/month
Site area 12,493m2
Business objectives Rolling and appurtenant secondary finishing of
ferrous and non-ferrous alloys and more


1960 Founded as the Fukaumi Steel Company in Saiwaicho, Tsubame-shi, Niigata.
Start of stainless steel sheet rolling for steel western utensils.
1962 Absorption of Marushichi Shindosho Co., Ltd.. Main office factory moved to the former location of the company.
1963 Full engagement in the production of stainless steel materials for cutlery.
Transactions with the cutlery industry in Seki-shi, Gifu start.
1968 Start of rolling of the AUS series high-grade stainless steel cutlery.
1970 Introduction of cold strip rolling equipment.
1973 Construction of new factory at the Metal Center industrial complex. Main office and factory moved to this location.
1978 Technical tie-up with Aichi Steel Corporation in Tokai-shi, Aichi.
1982 Installation of continuous hot rolling equipment.
1986 Start of consignments for hot and cold rolling of non-ferrous functional material.
1989 Installation of hot wide strip rolling equipment. Introduction of wet blast equipment.
1990 Becomes an affiliate of Aichi Steel Corporation after capital participation.
1999 Development and production of ACUTO 440, cutlery stainless steel of the highest grade.
1999 Development of rolling technology for magnesium alloys through a research project with the Industrial Research Institute of Niigata Prefecture.
2006 Becomes a consolidated subsidiary of Aichi Steel Corporation.
Company name changed to Aichi Techno Metal Fukaumi Co., Ltd.
2011 Acquired a adjacent lot(3,897㎡) as the first step of factory remodeling for “manufacturing reform”.
2012 Moved office by new building on October as the second step of factory remodeling.
2014 New factory started working on February as the third step of factory remodeling.