Clad steel

Use rolling technology,we can supply various clad steels.
Clad steel is highly functional material able to possess various characteristics through layering, heating and rolling together different steel sheets. For blades, sharp cutting edges can be made as well as artistic outer patterns (Hamon patterns on Japanese swords and Damascus patterns). And we can manufacture antibacterial clad steel sheets for blades by inserting Cu.

Production method of clad steel

pile up different steels,joined by heating and rolling. good adhesive property,capable of mass produced

Example of product clad steel

parts of heat exchanger(Fe+Cu),high-quality kitchen knife of damascus design(65 levels of different kinds stainless steels),parts of power supply(SUS+Cu),antimicrobial knife(SUS+CU 11 layers)

our company’s clad steel is registered a trademark by “ABISSO”. 
“ABISSO” trademark registration No.4240910
“アビッソ” trademark registration No.4241012

Application examples of clad metals

parts of heat exchanger(Fe+Cu),power supply materials(SUS+Cu)

Clad steel combination example

We do the suggestion of materials to a use.
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Clad steel production possible size and shape

  Thickness Width Length
Minimum 1.5 Please contact us  
Maximum 20 250 2,500
Shape Plate, Oval

May be different depending on the material.
Please contact us for more information.