Our activities of Environment

Regarding the acquisition of ISO4001 certification

We obtained ISO14001:2004 certification on December 7, 2010.


Basic philosophy

As part of the stainless sheet product and specialty steel consignment rolling manufacturing industry, we are continuously conscious of the characteristic Japanese advanced manufacturing that serves as a bridge between various companies. With this in mind, we will continue to devote ourselves to product manufacturing that is highly reliable and meets the needs of various industries.
In addition, we are aware that the protection of the Earth’s environment is the most vital issue common to all mankind. Our entire company is dedicated to reducing our burden on the environment in all of our business activities that provide products and services to our customers.
As a result, we operate based on the following basic principles and have continuously achieved positive results.


Aim to “One & only small world-class company” loved by the community and society. Contribute to the advanced “creating value for the material”, a concept and characteristic of Japan, to protect the environment and enrich the heart and souls of people.

asic policy

  • To create an environmental committee and an organizational structure in order to continuously improve our environmental protection activities.
  • Communicate with government and interested parties and establish technologically and financially feasible environmental objectives and plans. Continuously improve environmental management systems and performance.
  • In regards to the environmental effects related to all of our business activities, products, and services, we will set goals and implement the following environmental management centered themes.

    (1)Reduction and recycling of waste
    (2)Reduce power consumption
    (3)Improve material and product yield rates
    (4)Promotion of the 5S workplace organization methodology

  • Educate all employees of the environmental policy, as well as disclose it to the public in order to proactively engage in the reduction of environmental burdens as well as preventing environmental pollution, including prevention by every individual during their work activities.
  • Adherence to environmentally related regulations and other requirements associated with all of our business activities, products or services.
  • Implement internal environmental audits to continuously improve our environmental management system.
  • Increase environmental awareness and understanding of the environmental policy by the employees through environmental education.

March 21, 2013